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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. >> leaders in the belgium government are reporting that at least three member are dead. members of isis claim responsibility for the blast >> in belgium, worst fears realize. >> we're fearing terrorist attacks and that has now happened. >> morning attacks on a subway station and the brussels airport. >> there's an explosion, yep. soon to belt one. >> isis claimed responsibility. it started with two explosion. both attacks at peak morning hours. >> can't explain, it looks like war.
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it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> belgium prosecutor says the two men in black seen here were responsible for a suicide attack at the airport. officials are looking for the man in white as a suspect. the terror just four days after the arrest of sala ab salam, last suspect in last paris's attacks. and belgium security forces, it's the working assumption the network carried the brussel attack is the same that carried the attacks in paris. president obama carried it out at the top of havana. >> in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> meanwhile, in the u.s., no specific threats but heightened security, transportation hubs like new york station and airports in major cities, like washington, chicago and los angeles. in washington, i'm karen kafa. >> belgium's prime minister, the
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of national mourning to honor those in the attacks. >> congressman talked to me about the attacks in brussels. he's been critical of the administration's response to isis. he's not sure today's terrorism could be linked to the capture of the mastermind. >> and they taken some time and they are ready to go whenever they are ready to set it in place. that's what set it in place. i don't know. in the bigger picture, we have to come together in the world. this is a matter of good versus evil. the good nations in the world, have to be led in america, to wrap up a plan to defeat the enemy. we asked the president for the plan to defeat isis. we have yet to get that. >> the president hasn't done enough to reach out to the native coalition.
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presidential candidate, hillary clinton, needs to do a better job coordinating with europe and tracking suspects. we have to a firmer record system. she spoke out against comments to tighten boarders saying his plan is impractical. they stem thoughts, created by the refugee crisis. >> we want to know, if you think a terror attack is eminent in the united states. you could vote in the national poll. we will sample some of the comments in the next half hour. be sure to stay with and local 12 news for breaking developments. at 4:30, a look how security is being beefed in the u.s. you could follow us on facebook and twitter as we work with our partners that include cbs news, cnn and associated press to bring you the most up-to-date information. coming at 6:30, a special one
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news" with scott pelley. vice president joe biden made a stop if ohio. strickland is running against g.o.p. senator for ohio senate in november. today's fund-raiser took place in the western hotel downtown, both by president obama endorsed strickland in march. local 12, rob braun sat down today, we will share part of the exclusive interview tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. man accused in a crash that killed another driver in i-275 is ordered held on a half million bond. cory litmeyer is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. detectives say he was impaired and speedy when he rear-ended the car on sunday night. 41-year-old scott pedryias died at the scene. litmeyer was arrested twice. in the first case, he pleaded guilty to reckless operation. two years later, he stopped and
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new york woman who injected benadryl in the son's feeding tube was scheduled today. today, the judge sentenced her to a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail. he's served 173 of the days. she's ordered to stay away from the son and children's hospital. her son suffers from the rare skin condition. the benadryl gave him diaryia. this led to -- >> and it was nice. >> and it was setting up to a great week. >> good for them. the warmth is on the way. how warm will it get. scott and the no wake weather center. >> we made it to the 60s today and as promised. it was windy this afternoon. we will still be breezy this evening, as temperatures draw back down to the 50s.
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overnight, clouds will increase especially during the start of good morning. cincinnati and points beyond. we're down to the mid and upper 40s very early tomorrow morning and we'll rise back to the 40s and 50s tomorrow. no rain to track and instead we have a lot of sun with some thin wispy series clouds roaming through. temperatures range from 58 to 64 in lincoln airport to 65 in hamilton. sustained winds range from 16 miles an hour at the claremont county airport, to 24 miles an hour in wilmington. the wind will gradually relax. the wind picks back up tomorrow. we have a risk of stronger storms coming on thursday. we have to talk about the weekend. does this parade of storms continue to cause troubles for your outdoor plans saturday or
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we'll address that and talk about how fast the wind was where you were this afternoon. >> preparing for a natural disaster. >> and also ahead, first at 4:00, a young boy believed to have died, placed on scalding water, is placed to rest. >> kids are seeing that, and
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. >> funeral followed today for austin cooper. austin's mother is locked up and facing charges in the little boy's death. police believe young austin died after his mother punished him by putting his legs in scalding water. and you are invited to springfield pike. the management and homeland security agent is going to be there. we will put on a one hour program, answer your questions on how to prepare for a natural disasters. >> they are calling it the easter money brawl. >> it happened in jersey city. >> parents and costumed easter bunny came.
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little thing was caught up in video. >> easter bunny versus the parent. in the middle of the center mall, in jersey city, 5:00 p.m. crazy. >> what should have been a photo session for children, ended up being. and a disagreement erupted between the parent and easter bunny, as the child slipped from a chair, after having their picture taken with the costume character. >> the officials say, the bunny may have been the victim. then he took his paws and threw a punch on the parent. >> the show must go on. new easter bunny. day after. no mood to discuss the mayhem. referring the questions from the company that hires the easter
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colorado outfit called the nor programs. tells us, we are cooperating with the new jersey police department, who is leading the investigation and have assigned other employees to fill the role of bunny. job openings for easter bunny, still listed in the company's website. >> disgraced behaving that way. >> police have just arrested the parent and easter bunny character on charges of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. shoppers who seen so much are especially appalled to the site of this. >> their reaction, it impacts them. it is really sad, the kids are seeing that, that's the easter bunny. see the person fighting. >> it has come to this >> enough said. >> it has come to this. >> i didn't hear trump's main
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it was not involved. . >> raining cats and dogs. voters head to the polls. >> look at the sun. up in college hill. we enjoyed this for the remainder of the business day.
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when will this >> donald trump and hillary clinton hope to pad their delegate lead over the underdog rivals as the 2016 race tots white house. parties. and brad. >> and it's time for raining cats and dogs. hamilton county sbca. lindsey is a pretty good dog. good dog. little scared. but pretty nice chihuahua. she's getting comfy. >> 7 months old. >> got her microchip. makes an excellent companion. >> look at mimsy. she's not going to get a whole lot bigger; right?. >> this is what she deals with. >> you have. >> eva and alley. they were a lot better looking when we came in. we found them in tough straight.
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you're better now. they were taken care of by their staff. >> any idea on age >> about a year old. >> these won't get a whole lot bigger? >> they are full grown. >> gypsy there. gypsy is real friendly, 7-month old, female cat. >> excellent companion. >> they do that sometimes. >> when you're here, they turn around. >> this is my best side. >> nice. >> how old on that one. >> ten months. >> ten months old. >> and everybody's, tomorrow morning. 3929, corain avenue. people could call 541-641 for more information. >> outstanding. >> harold. >> happy easter. >> same to you, brad. >> scotty, you said? >> i'm ready. let's talk about the wind today. peak gusts so far in the northern kentucky airport.
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miles an hour gusts. wind gusts weren't as strong. lawrenceburg. we're still 30 miles an hour. we have time to get additional peak gusts. the wind is ust occasionally, it speaks over. temperatures 64. lincoln airport. international airport is 63. sustained winters as forecast. and i mentioned on local 12 news, live at noon, we will have
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at the top of the hour, we have gusts over 30, but not quite up to 35 miles an hour we'll only take it a degree. the temperatures will fall in the 40s tonight. and as i promise yesterday in local 12 news. bubble of warmth has moved away. and we promised lots of sun today. i promise a mostly clear sky and increasing clouds overnight. once we get to tomorrow an, isolated showers will develop. unlike this morning, where we have lots of sun, we have a cloudy to mostly cloudy sky tomorrow. not much in the way of rain, but showers make a return to the tri-state. especially areas along
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clouds will still be allowed to move in after midnight. tomorrow, start to finish. cloudy to mostly cloudy. isolated showers, especially in south eastern indiana. notice on wednesday night and thursday. we will have some showers, to start on thursday. and some of the storms may be strong, this is a fairly intention area of low pressure. some instability generated ahead of the cold front. at this point, it's a marginal risk, for strong to severe storms. know that we have two in play. large hail, damaging straight line wind.
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will be down to the south. we're breezy through midnight, the wind will relax some overnight. the wind will be up, but not as strong as it was today, tomorrow. up to 62 for the forecast high. touch warmer on thursday, before rain and thunderstorms will be moving in. those will be favored in the afternoon and evening. some may be strong, saturday, it starts okay. showers start to move in on easter sunday. may get the floor crew involved in the weekend forecast. >> that will be coming in 30 minutes. we didn't have a good run with the floor crew. and plus, a time lapse from the weather center today.
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pththe cuuba a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. "hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. we do that. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. free transfers from savings when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's best banks in america. >> today is president obama's last day in cuba. he said that the to countries still have real differences but encouraged cubans to determine their own destiny. president obama is meeting
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those who are detained with the protest demonstration. first family is attending a demolition game, with the widow of the family, late hall-of-famer, jackie robinson. hundreds of families displaced by severe flooding in south texas finally going home. that may not necessarily be good news. >> devin reports, the mandatory evacuation has been lifted. there are problems. it's opening the door for people to return to their homes. >> we just started stacking our stuff and left. >> lindsey advice, gathered their belongings and evacuated their home in deweyville. while floodwaters moved closer. >> stacked my pictures and stressful. >> more than a week later, hundreds of families including the vices are allowed to go back home. today, we actually got here, i'm nervous to go inside, and see
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>> vice and her husband, finally are seeing the damage. >> turns out it's a lot worst than what we expected. >> at least a foot of water poured into the vice's home, ruining furniture and even getting to their car. >> that thing is up to the steering wheel. it's done. >> got up to over here. >> and this historic flood damaged their belongings. she says they can be replaced. >> and going to clean up and go from there. all you can do. >> vice family cleaning up with the flood left behind. >> they remind families moving back in, snakes, after the floodwaters. >> have you had flooding in your house. >> you're really, really lucky. it's just nasty. like you say, you could rebuild.
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everybody is safe and that's all good. this is one that's a struggle. funeral home responding for a body mix up. >> a warning for pet owners after a number of calls to pet poison control hot lines
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so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii.
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. >> increased security after the terror attacks in brussels >> craig boswell with a look on what's being done to protect your safety, following the latest terror attacks. >> police cars patrol the outside while inside there are officers carrying rifles and bomb-sniffing dogs carrying luggage. >> i do hope that we have security measures. >> and authorities say they have a planned strike. they are worried about copycats. because of that, the fbi has increased the surveillancefer terror suspects already living in the u.s. >> most important is to prevent the act before it happens. >> the stepped up patrol in places, including union station
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because authorities say they repeatedly train for terror threats. >> what happened in brussels, is an example of one of the many threats that face washington and other regions in the country and the kinds of threats we are prepared for. >> dave snyder, emergency preparedness in the public. >> public can't play a critical role. >> u.s. hasn't raised the level. >> and while many are sounding off on attacks on social media. >> if you believe the terror attack in the u.s. is eminent, it will happen in the u.s. one day. >> i think we have more security than in some. >> in this difficult hour, to my brothers and sisters, would look middle eastern in america, be safe.
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be in the country. >> gene says, it wouldn't be surprised when it happens at . >> hope not, but you have to be ready for a national poll. local 12 news for the latest on the attacks at 5:30. perry shinele talks to the owner. >> we're continuing to mon nor tore our associates. at 6:30, we will have our one hour version on the cbs "evening news" with scott pelley. >> two men charged in a police chase. 24-year-old, is accused of driving the car and leading police in a chase that started in sharonville. he faces charges of receiving
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and 19-year-old, dominique dickens, also of kansas city, faces several charges. the chase ended with a crash on sharon road and glendale, when the car went airborne on the railroad tracks. according to court documents, police found mail from several local companies in the car. williams dickens was held on 7 thousand bond. dominique dickens, given a 60 thousand bond. they are locked up in the hamilton justice center. >> you know what i did? mowed my lawn. it's nice to get some green. i think i've been calling for 70s. >> no 70s. >> eventually, we'll get there. then 80s and 90s. run close to 100. heat will be coming back. for those who want cooler air, i've got one relatively cool day, with highs in the mid to
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over all, the week looks warm. nice quiet drive. north, southbound, loveland, madera. usually we pick up fog in the cool, crisp night. it won't be too cool this evening and overnight. temperatures will fall in the 50s, with mid to mid level clouds. and down to 53 by midnight. overnight, we'll settle to the mid and upper 40s. clouds increasing and we'll be dry, for local 12 news, live at 10:00 and 11:00. west. and even though we have mid to upper level clouds, no rain to track on precision doppler hd. it's warm outside. it's as warm as 65 in carrollton.
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touch cooler, close to hillsborough. close to 60 degrees, and that's ahead of average. coming up, we have isolated showers returning tomorrow, especially for areas west and northwest to cincinnati. we have a risk of strong storms on thursday. we'll discuss where the best chance foreseeing stronger : plus discuss rain chances and time lapse for the atrium weather center today. all of that and -- in 10 minutes. >> give us a window for the easter egg hunt. give us a window. thanks, scott. >> poison ice lines, who come in contact for cats and dog. they share the warning for pet owners >> they have gotten to some things, chasing mushrooms and almost died. >> she is one curious k-9. she got her close encounter after she accidentally almost
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>> and that's the same warning from dr. joe ruben who said e cigarette poisoning is among the rise among household pets. . >> lot is going to be quite popular for people as well. >> dr. ruben says cats and dogs are getting poison. according to the pet poison hot line, number of pets poisoned by e cigarettes jumped 400 percent from 2013. dr. ruben says it's not just e-cigarettes that pet owners have to watch out for, but traditional tobacco product. >> anytime you put smoke in the air or chemicals in the air, don't forget, the lung fills. and the particles will fall down due to the gravity. closer to the ground, we can inhale them.
4:38 pm
and dogs she sees suffer from smoke related illness. >> lung cancer, we're seeing more and more on the rise with dogs and cats. >> why the animals develop certain conditions. >> i was shocked. i didn't know that would happen to animals. >> and you know, i saw for the first time, bought pet food and had a warning. be careful of second-hand smoke. it makes sense. don't give your dog chocolates this time of year. easter eggs. >> don't give your dog chocolate period. you have to think about easter and christmas. where that's candy >> here's your warning. don't be stupid. >> don't say it like that. >> operators, hoping to make some events special.
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. >> i'm sheila gray, list of amazing venues for your big event. from weddings to baby showers, to bachelor parties to birthdays. and it may be the coolest place in cincinnati to get married. the view of the river and rumbling cannot be tops. one of the newest and one of the oldest. it's a historic church. renovated to be one of the popular events in trendy over the rind. and what about the wow factor of the task museum of art. it's downtown, unique and supremely memorable. the whole list is happening in town in cincinnati >> built in safety technology,
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only the most expensive vehicle will be standard in every lexus and toyota model. it includes automated breaking, vehicular detection and lane departure alerts. they will include the features in almost any new vehicle by the end of 2017. cubans will soon be able to surf the internet in speeds, 70 times faster than what is available to the public. google will open a technology, with laptops and it's part of the larger effort to bring it to the cuban people. u.s. stocks indexes close mostly lower as travel booking sites fell following the attacks in belgium. the dow gave up 41 points. the nasdaq edged up 12. the s&p 500 lost a point. spring is in the air at oreo. the cookie maker is rolling out a new limited edition layer,
4:43 pm
looks to be a vanilla cookie with a strawberry filling. >> did you notice, we had easter egg colored in the newsroom from our administrative assistant? >> takes care of us. >> don't be stupid and eat too many. >> cammy durkin will join us with a look at the developing stories. that's my specialty.
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>> one dog is challenging picasso and hundreds are selling hundreds for his work. dagger, a 3-year-old lab golden mix has taken up painting. he selects his colors. with a pain hat attached to a paper towel, and every stroke of dag. >> and dagger, you want to paint? his tail wagged even more. took an ease el and put it on the floor.
4:47 pm
big bucks for k-9 cases. he he makes his name in the artwork. all proceeds could go to k-9 patterns. he started his life as a service dog but he dropped out to be a painter. >> it's a great cause. >> glad it's going to charity. >> they are humiliating by putting that silly brillee. >> you want to be a painter. >> she asked if he wanted to wear a beret. >> a look what's ahead? >> something very exciting. vice president joe biden, to raise money, and robben braun, exclusively. at 6:00, his reactions to the bombings in brussels. william started for the beating death.
4:48 pm
weeks before she died. how did a teenager with a bright future hooked up with a 34-year-old man? that's one of the questions debra dixon will ask her mother? we have graphic video, physically shaqqing and handcuffing a teenager. jeff had only on local 12 news at 6:00. >> see you then. take a look at the traffic. 75 and sharon road moving smoothly today, as it should be. so hopefully, your traffic commutes. we will have a lot of people on . >> friday, it may be a fun day. >> we may take friday off. >> everybody is heading to friday. >> they may be off the road by then >> there won't be any traffic problems on friday. . >> you don't know. >> >>.
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forecast? i'll be over here. >> friday, it's a chillier day. >> friday, will be a cooler day. all day saturday, early sunday, it looks okay. today, today, it was good if you wanted to get it done early. if you happen to have a random suit day, dye some eggings. >> how about a time line. >> and weather cam, up in sunrise there. this morning, this afternoon, occasionally, if you look carefully, the weather cam is shaking in the stiff breeze in the southwest today. it did us a favor, bringing in rm whatter air. if you don't like this warm, i have some cooler air before we get to the weekend. check out the wind, screaming out of the north, northeast temporarily at 20 miles an hour.
4:50 pm
out of the southwest. it will stay in the southwest in the next 48 hours. we're breezy this evening. tomorrow, our attention turns to more clouds, not as much wind and isolated showers. looks like the coverage of showers will be highest in the an and evening, especially west of interstate 75. we have a risk of stronger storms, and what looks to be a large shield of rain and storms air quality is good. this number would probably go up and it did. the pollen count is in the moderate county. it's well below the temperature of 63. check out the wind, sustained at 20 miles an hour. gusts have been at 20 miles an hour at times this afternoon. and still be breezy as temperatures fall down 63 now and into the 50s.
4:51 pm
mid to upper 40s. tomorrow afternoon, clouds will thicken up and clouds will be developing. the area of mid to upper level clouds to the west, st. louis to sioux city, is coming our way. thicker clouds start to develop. no rain to track on precision doppler hd. all the clouds we have, are above 20 thousand feet in the sky. notice some high level clouds roaming through from time to time. mostly clear kis. and morning cloud will be likely to develop. it's more filters by the time we get to local 12 news, live at noon. this particular model wants to hold on to showers until tomorrow evening. i think we're fair game for
4:52 pm
everyone sees rain. showers implying rain that starts and stops. especially west of cincinnati at any point after lunch tomorrow. not expecting any thunderstorms tomorrow but we have a higher chance for rain and thunderstorms, including a risk for stronger storms, thursday and thursday night. especially in the arch and in the evening, this is the main threat it will be. the marginal risk for severe storms, extents to northern kentucky, southwest ohio. large hail, damaging straight line winds, the main concern. we'll keep you updated through the night. the new update will come in for the storm prediction center. >> 58, the for cast temperature. highly. on thursday, rain and storms favored especially in the
4:53 pm
stronger storms can't be ruled out. this is where i need some help from the wonderful work crew. brad, have yourself a weekend forecast. >> you work this out. >> won't you. >> sound effects. >> let's try next week. >> it's once a week. we have to try next week. >> good to have you back, by the way. we have such a fantastic panel. people in the audience, was fantastic. it's not something you solve in an hour. it's nice that we're trying to make a little bit of movement when you get people, and get people in discussion where we
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you have decades of stagnant time time. saying your final good buys could be rather traumatic.
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came to say . >> for one new york family, a tragic mix-up made things worst. >> and ronald tony bear has the story. >> never got a chance to say good-bye to the grandmother. >> leroy are heartbroken, what happened when the 81-year-old mother died of lung cancer. >> and had a funeral. >> they even had an open casket service in the union baptist church in west 154th street. >> all the across the world, people came to say good-bye to my mom. unfortunately, mom. >> the funeral home made a terrible mistake, sending the wrong woman's body to the
4:58 pm
to be cream mated at the wood lawn. one grandson said. when i was there looking at the woman. woman, my son tapped me, . after so long in the hospital, when you have stage 4 cancer, it will actually change you, like your parents, your look will be totally different. >> we went to the funeral home to get the family some answers. >> would you admit there's some mistakes made. >> referred me to the comment. >> and that hired spokesperson, told, they have been in business for 50 years and certainly nothing like this has ever happened before. we have expressed to the affected families, acute distress and sorrow.
4:59 pm
mcdonald's for it associated to the funeral >> now two state agencies are investigating how a licensed funeral home could make such a tragic mistake >> how does it happen. . >> we're back at 5:30. >> and back to rob and cammy. and this is a day of terror in belgium. people's worst fears, realized. >> can't explain. it looks like war. >> tonight, the manhunt that finds the people responsible. >> good evening, everybody. we begin telling you about more terror attacks. more innocent lives lost. this time, it's in belgium. >> some world leaders say europe
5:00 pm
here's what we know right now. isis claimed responsibility for three explosions that rocked an airport and a subway station in brussels. 31 people are dead. nearly 200 more are injured. these are just a few of the men, belgium authorities believe are responsible. two of them are dead. the one on the right is public enemy number one. jonathan gig lotty is in brussels with the latest. . two survivors, one clutching a baby, picked themselves up on the floor. it was one of two power blasts that blew out windows and caused the ceiling to cave in. >> two people with, really covered. >> and airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgium prosecutors say are behind the attacks.


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